Nate Miller

The creator of Limitless Reflection

Performance Skills and Talent

  • Fire Dancing – Double Swords, Staff, and Poi
  • Dancer – Pop & Lock Hip Hop/Ballet fusion style
  • Stilt Walking – Creature Costumes, Jumping Stilts, Pegs, and Drywall
  • Light tumbling, aerial, and hoop experience

Other Skills

  • LED Costume Design – Need something to light up? I create wearable LED costumes. Robots, Sound Reactive Lighting, Cyborg, all wearable and wildly effective at catching attention.
  • Makeup Design and Character Creator – Face and body painting including airbrushing.
  • Website Design – I created this site. Hit me up if you’re looking for a new website!
  • Graphic Design  – Fliers, brochures, logos, sketches and more.
  • DJing – As Limitless Reflection. Check out my Soudcloud HERE.
  • Promotions – Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media – I’m a performer with a Business Degree. If you book me, you’re also booking a media powerhouse. I create that extra “WOW” factor that catches people’s attention.
  • Nightlife and Event Photography – Capturing the magic that happens in the world of performance is an art.

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Check out some of my costuming and LED designs on my Etsy store!

STAGE NAME: Nate Miller


Fire Dancing (Double Swords, Staff, Poi), Fusion Dancer (Flow Pop and Lock), Stilt Walker (Jumping stilts and regular), some tumbling and aerial silks. Costume design specializing in LED and light costuming.


Insomniac Events:

EDC Vegas 2015: Performed with Insomniac Events – Purple Bee stilt creature and Mortal Ninja Dance and Performance team.
Escape – All Hallows Eve 2014 (LA): Performed with Fire n Ice Entertainment – Skeleton Stilting Creature
EDC Vegas 2014: Performed with Fire n Ice Entertainment. Purple Bee stilt creature and EDC Man (LED costume). (400,000 in attendance, 3 nights).
EDC New York 2014: Performed with Fire n Ice Entertainment. Purple Bee stilt creature and EDC Man (LED costume). (80,000 in attendance, 2 nights).
EDC Mexico 2014: Performed with Fire n Ice Entertainment. Purple Bee stilt creature. (60,000 in attendance, 2 nights).

USC Events:

Resolution 2014: Crystal Ice King Stilt Creature with team FloGo (16,000 in attendance).
Freak Night 2013: Quad Stilt Creature, Stilt Walker, Dancer (24,000 in attendance, 2 nights)
Paradiso 2013: Wildchild World’s Slinky Creature Stilt Costume, Fire Dancer (Swords, Staff, Poi), Feathered Stilt Creature, LED Tribal Dancer (27,000 in attendance)
Lucky 2013: Tall Irish Stilt Walker (18,000 in attendance)
Resolution 2013: Ice King Stilt Creature (18,000 in attendance)
Freak Night 2012: Fire Team and Dancer (26,000 in attendance)

With Super Geek League:

Pandamonium 2013: Ice King Stilt Creature, Cyborg Panda Dancer
Music Video: Fire Pan with Flame Thrower

String Cheese Incident: 2013 at Horning’s Hideout in Oregon – Wildchild World‘s Slinky Creature Stilt Costume

Other Events:

Sub.Mission Electronic Tuesdays
Sub.Mission NYE 2011 with Diesil Boy
Unicorns: Taste the Rainbow 2012 and 2013
DJ Ishe: Dancer 2010 and 2011
Sonic Bloom: Dancer 2011
Delirium, a Benefit (2013): Whomp Bot
Bootie Mashup: Dancer
Subduktion Art: Dancer, Stilter, LED Costumes, Whomp Bot
Burning Man:
Hot COCO: Colorado Conclave: 2010 and 2011
NW Conclave: Assistant Shin 2012
Fractal Tribe: Conclave 2013
Garnish and the Boogieman Art Car: Conclave 2014