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Curating Your Dancer Inspiration Feed

What if you turned your social media feeds into inspirational feeds?

Have you ever started up Facebook or a social media site only to see endless posts of selfies, food posts, drama, political opinions, etc? How much time do you spend scrolling through those posts? How much value do you get out of reading each of those posts? If the answer is ‘not much’ then you might want to shift your social media habits. Let’s start turning your feeds into a wall of performance inspiration, learning, and creative design.

Step 1 – Find and follow the things that inspire you.

Step 2 – Unfollow the drama

Step 3 – Post/share the things that you find inspirational

Step 4 – Create

Find and Follow The Things That Inspire You

Every single person that inspires you has a social media profile. Find them and follow them. Like their pages. Watch their videos and take notes on what the most successful profiles are posting. If you find a page or profile that inspires you to the point where it makes you want to go out and practice, create, or develop your professional dance and performance life, make sure you subscribe to their notifications.

*Challenge – Find 1 video every few days of a performance that has movements that you want to learn. Take those movements and incorporate them into your training.*

Unfollow the Drama

One of the most important things in your life is the value of your time and what you’re doing with it.

People in your feed posting drama, food pictures, prank videos, selfies, etc. add no true value to your life and following these things are a distraction and a waste of your time. If someone is creating drama on Facebook, you don’t have to unfriend them, but you can unfollow them.

Start evaluating each post that comes through your feed. If you are finding things that add value to your life, keep them in your feed. If you’re finding things that don’t add value to your life, unfollow or unlike these things. Over time, your feed will start to become a valuable source of positive inspiration.

Post/share the things that you find inspirational

If you see something that inspires you and speaks to your core, share it and talk about why it inspires you. Become a source of inspiration to others by being a positive source and sharing inspirational things.


Create, create, create! If you spend too much time on social media, you’ll end up distracted. Make sure you’re out there creating your own things to share. Creating and working on videos, pictures, blogs, dance teams, costumes, practice, and other creative outlets that you can share online will help you become one of the inspirational performers that others follow online.