I need 30 to 8000 piñatas, all of my performer friends in formal wear, a white umbrella for each ballroom dancer, eight buckets of black paint, one bucket of red paint, two massive sheets of plastic, two massive pieces of white roll paper, a videographer, some photographers, a couple slow motion capable cameras, lighting equipment, a warehouse/filming space, a production team, a filming schedule, a post-production team, some epic bass music, and people who want to create a dazzling thing.

I’m putting together the first Limitless collaboration project. Think of it as a combination of a ball, a party, and a bunch of piñata’s getting destroyed in slow motion. Performers in formalwear with costume flair showing off their talents in an environment that’s designed to be creative, fun, and absolutely spectacular to watch.

Why would we be doing this? Because it would be fun, because it’s art, because it’s something that we can use to showcase our unique talents and creativity to the world. I want to create an environment where my friends, the most creative people I know, can express themselves in any way that they see fit.

I’m going to need help doing this. I’m willing to take the lead on this but I’m going to need an entire team of people behind me to get this thing started, rolling, and manifested.

Game on. Let’s do this.

If you’re interested in being part of this project, contact me on the Limitless Reflection Facebook page or by email at CapacityandDesire@gmail.com.