Every now and then, I come across a picture online that resonates with my style. It stands out from the crowd and catches my eye in a way that makes me pause for a moment. It sings to me.

Most times, I save these photos in an inspiration folder and check them out at later dates when I’m working on creating new looks. It’s like having a personal Pinterest page curated just for myself for the days when I’m looking for new ideas.

Then there’s the times when I find something that lights up my creative spark. The pictures that I see that make me say “That! I want that. I need to make it and make it mine.” When events like these happen, there’s little sleep to be had until they’ve been brought into reality.

About a week ago, I was browsing Instagram. Talk about a fun place to find new and interesting performers, creations, and designs! It’s pretty wild. I highly recommend checking it out and spending some time getting to know it. Follow me at @Limitless_Reflection while you’re there.

While browsing, one picture in particular jumped out. A picture of a girl with a spiral on her face. She looked wonderful. From the way that her eyeliner blended into the beginning of the spiral, to the way that the black shrouded her lips, it was as if she were rocking a look that had been born from the depths of my creative soul. I wanted to rock that look. I wanted to do it with a little bit of ‘Limitless Flair’. So I did.

Limitless Reflection VoidMeet Limitless Void. A spiraling creation of unending depth and Limitless wonder. Void came into being long ago. He celebrates the Fibonacci sequence, Pi, and has something of an Infinity Complex.

See Void and you’ll meet the possibilities of your potential futures. Limitless possibilities. And only you have the keys to the final outcome.

Makeup used: Diamond FX. Picture by Limitless Reflection.