I never knew that I’d end up turning myself into a walking piece of Wearable Technology Tech-Art.

Limitless Reflection Whomp Bot ThumbnailI have always been fascinated with wearable technology. As a kid, I remember seeing Dick Tracy on TV with his Video communication watch. Inspector Gadget, Exo-Squad, X-Men, Transformers, Voltron, Batman… all of them had the coolest gadgets that could do the most extraordinary things. I wanted these awesome gadgets. I wanted to be a super hero.

Recently, technology has quickly been catching up with the gadgets that I wanted as a kid. My 4 year old self’s mind would be blown by the fact that I have a Video Communicator/Walkie talkie/wireless/TV/computer that I get to use whenever I want (my cell phone). He’d be in awe at the things it can do.

The four year old in me  is excited about the wonders of the world. It’s why I about lost my mind when I started seeing LED masks and techno-wearable suits popping up in the EDM scene (first starting at Burning Man and then flowing into the Massives). People are starting to rock real-time Tron-style suits on a day to day basis.

But this technology is still new. It’s developing and the kinks in the designs are still being ironed out. Batteries are getting smaller and more efficient, EL Strips and Wire are becoming more durable, Digital RGB LED strips are coming down in price. The cool thing is, the price point for the access to this technology has become extremely reasonable. I can now afford to buy raw materials in large quantities to start creating wearable-technology LED light art and sculptures.

Limitless Reflection LED Sound Light Reactive Dragon Art

Limitless Reflection LED Sound Reactive Dragon Art

Through trial and error, I’ve figured out how to make my LED creations sound-reactive. They can change colors and run off of small batteries. As a performer, I’ve had to make these builds as durable as they come. My creations have to be able to live up to my lifestyle. It’s awesome.

I’m taking my performance art and turning it into an interactive, techno-art that dazzles! I can change the environments of anywhere I go by adding some interactive lighting. I’m making sound sculptures made out of light-diffusion materials to create enchanting realms of color. Combine this with the fact that I can do it on a budget, and I’ve got a whole new outlook on the Limitless Project and where I want to take it.

The next few months are going to be very busy. I’m going to be ramping up into full production mode. My Etsy shop will be populated with Limitless Creations. I’ll be performing and bringing my art around the U.S.

I’m excited. This is going to be fun.